Quest 23: The Dunland Trap

Lord of the Rings LCG Campaign

The 23nd Quest: The Dunland Trap

After a short but welcome rest at Orthanc the rangers and Rohirrim must set off again, this time in search of knowledge of the Celebrimbor’s Forge and the making of the Rings of Power. As they make their way down the Old South Road from Isengard to Tharbad, the Wild Men of Dunland spring a deadly trap.


Starting Threat:

Party One     Théoden (12), Mablung (10), Théodred (8) = 30

Party Two    Indraen (11), Beravor(10), Dúnhere (8) = 29

Both Théodred and Beravor have a resource at the beginning of the scenario as a result of the victory point expenditure from the previous scenario

Opening draw

Party One: Feint, Guthlaf, 2 x Gaining Strength, Heir of Marsil, The Eagles Are Coming

Party Two: Lore of Imladris, Protection of Lorien, Secret Paths, Mustering the Rohirrim, A Test of Will, Thror’s Key

Active Location: Old South Road

Each party has a Boar Clan Stalker already engaged

1 - 1 ffg_boar-clan-stalker_the-dunland-trap_17    2 - 1 ffg_the-road-to-tharbad_the-dunland-trap_11  3 - 1 ffg_old-south-road_the-dunland-trap_16

Turn 1

Draw: Party One    Sneak Attack           Party Two:   Ithilien Archer

(+1 Resource on each engaged Boar Clan Stalker)

Under attack already, the leaders of both parties did their best to react positively. Shouting “The Eagles are Coming”, Théoden gained foreknowledge of the arrival of some Eagles of the Misty Mountains, and after Gaining Strength twice in a row, Théodred named Théoden as the Heir to Marsil.  Idraen was named a Protector of Loríen and by Mustering the Rohirrim a West Road Traveller was found nearby.

Théodred, Théoden, Grima and idraen were ordered to search for a way out, though Théoden was of course ready to defend against attack due to his use of his title when given assistance by Théodred. There was a thought that the parties were In Need of Rest, but that danger was removed by a Test of Will.  That they were Low on Provisions could not be avoided: all members of Théoden’s group were weakened, while Idraen was close to death.

4 - 1 ffg_in-need-of-rest-voi   5 - 1 ffg_westfold-horse-breeder-voi   6 - 1 ffg_low-on-provisions-voi

Nevertheless, the lack of fresh enemies allowed them to move off the Old South Road which was a great relief. They made it a short way towards Thorbad before being forced to fight the Stalkers.  The first was deceived by a Feint, but the second, which attacked Berevor, although it did no damage, was able to move out of range of counter-attack.  Although that was annoying, a Sneak Attack by the Eagles of the Misty Mountains, together with Théoden and Mablung, killed the first Stalker.

Having survived the initial impact, both parties braced for the onslaught to come.

Threat 31/30

Road to Tharbad:              Travel 6, Time 1

Turn 2

Draw: Party 1         Rohirrim Warhorse           Party 2          Westfold Horsebreeder

(+1 Resource to Boar Clan Stalker engaged with Party Two)

Reinforced by the Eagles of the Misty Mountains and a Westfold Horsebreeder, (who brought news of a Steed of the Mark) the parties were a little better prepared than before. The Lore of Imladris was used to heal Idraen and four scouts set out.

They soon found the way blocked by a Dunland Chieftain and Tribesman. The latter lead to the discovery of a nearby Vassal of the Windlord and a hint of Radagast’s Cunning, but it also boosted the strength of the Stalker.  Still, by using her power as a Protector of Loríen, Idraen made sure a lot of progress was made.

Neither of the newly discovered enemies could force combat, and neither of the parties were willing to choose a fight with them just yet. The Stalker attacked, killing the Westfold Horsebreeder, but it fell to the combined arms of Idraen, Dunhére and Grima.  Unfortunately time was running out, and all the accumulated knowledge the parties had gathered off nearby allies and advantages was rendered useless.  Théoden did hear of the Support of Eagles and that Gwahir was not far away, and Idraen became aware of a Westfold Horsebreaker and found that Radagast’s Cunning was still available.

With that they would have to be satisfied.

Threat           32/31             

Road to Tharbad:             Travel 12, Time 2

Turn 3

Draw: Party 1        Westfold Outrider  Party 2          Steed of the Mark

Théoden was assured of the Support of the Eagles, but Idraen’s party had to make do with the arrival of a Westfold Horsebreaker. It was not a lot, not with the enemy threatening.  Six members were send out to explore.

7 - 1 ffg_off-track-voi   9 - 1 ffg_westfold-horse-breaker-thfg   8 - 1 ffg_hills-of-dunland_the-dunland-trap_20

That was not enough scouts to ensure success: the Hills of Dunland loomed up ahead, they found they were Off Track and a Dunland Ambush was sprung. That last event had no effect, but the surge that followed did allow a Frenzied Attack.  In the ensuing confusion, the Westfold Outrider was left behind, but a Rohan Warhorse was located and Idraen’s group recovered their Test of Will.

Radagast’s Cunning fooled the Dunland Chieftain, and the parties forced their way down past the waiting enemy. They might have made to the end of The Road to Tharbad, but it would have fatal to Grima to keep going so they did not take advantage of the Idraen’s power as Protector of Loríen.

They did however head for the Hills of Dunland, which not only revealed a Snowbourn Scout and a Westfold Horsebreeder, but also a Dunland Berserker which immediately drew close to Idraen’s party. Théoden, deciding that the Dunland Chieftain must be removed, engaged it, but that triggered the arrival of a Boar Clan Stalker.  The Chieftain attacked the Eagles of the Misty Mountains who would have survived had the enemy not used a nasty trick to increase its strength.  Nobody bothered with the attack of the Stalker as it was powerless, but Dunhére volunteered to block the Berserker, getting slightly wounded in the process.

Théoden and Mablun between them accounted for the Stalker, but Idraen could only hit the Berserker twice and the Chieftain was unharmed.

The effect of being Off Track led to the loss of all information again, but this time Théoden found how to deal an Unseen Strike not once but twice, and Idraen again recovered the Test of Will and added some Unexpected Courage. That boost for Idraen’s party came at cost: the Berserker attacked again, wounding Idraen with a skilful blow.

Threat           33/32

Hills of Dunland:                 Travel Nil

Road to Tharbad:              Travel 17, Time 2

Turn 4

Draw: Party 1         Winged Guardian  Party 2          Wingfoot

Another attack by the Berserker was defended by Beravor: no damage was taken. A Winged Guardian joined the first party, but that was all the help received.  Only four scouts could be spared  but with A Test of Will countering being Low on Provisions, the only new challenge to be faced was the Hithaeglir Stream.  As a result, the Hills of Dunland were scaled and the end of the Road to Tharbad reached.  That meant that they had to proceed down the Munun Dun Ravine where there was only room for one ally per party.  In fact, all their hard won assets had to be left behind as they found themselves in A Well Laid Trap, each party faced with a Boar Clan Warrior.  The only consolation was that the emblem of the Heir of Marsil was relocated as was the way to the Secret Paths.  (Though that caused yet another attack by the Berserker, who wounded Dunhere twice.)

The subsequent fighting was ferocious. Grima was wounded by a Berserker and Idraen by a Warrior. The Winged Guardian died at the hands of the Dunland Chieftain and Mablung was badly hurt by the other Warrior.  In the only retaliatory attack, Théoden slew the Chieftain with two Unseen Strikes.

10 - 1 ffg_munuv-duv-ravine_the-dunland-trap_15   11 - 1 ffg_a-well-laid-trap_the-dunlad-trap_12  12 - 1 ffg_chief-turch_the-dunland-trap_14

After that bloody battle, the adventurers found themselves out of the trap but there seemed No Way Out. They must outlast their attackers, now led by the dread Chief Turch who engaged Idraen’s party.

Threat           34/33

No Way Out:                       Time 8

Munun Dun Ravine           Travel Nil

Turn 5

Draw: Party 1         Gandalf         Party 2          Test of Will

Once more Idraen’s party had to face the Berserker, but this time Idraen turned it away without suffering any harm. She was then given some Unexpected Courage while Beravor was granted Wingfoot.  Théoden was again recognised as Heir of Marsil but the great news was the arrival of Gandalf, who killed the Warrior that was engaged with Idraen’s party as he reached the beleaguered heroes.

It was essential to get out of the Ravine as it gave the attackers far too great an advantage. Idraen used her Unexpected Courage to lead the way forward and they did escape the dangerous terrain, to find themselves in front of the Plains of Enedwaith.  (Another Frenzied Attack was halted by A Test of Will).

13 - 1 ffg_plains-of-enedwaith_the-dunland-trap_21   14 - 1 ffg_no-way-out_the-dunland-trap_13   15 - 1 ffg_hithaeglir-stream_the-dunland-trap_22

They ignored the Plains, preferring to follow the Hithaeglir Stream. Chief Turch changed his target but in the fighting he was matched by Gandalf.  The Warrior concentrated on Théoden, wounding him twice.  Beravor took a wound from the Berserker, but that was the last damage it would do, as Idraen and Dunhere were finally able to destroy him.  Mablung could only manage one wound on the Warrior.

Threat           35/34

No Way Out                         Time 6

Hithaeglir Stream              Travel Nil 

Turn 6

Draw: Party 1         Winged Guardian, Eagles of the Misty Mountains

            Party 2          Ithilien Tracker, West Road Traveller

(No shadow cards available for Boar Clan Warrior)

Hoping the worst had passed, Théoden called on some Eagles of the Misty Mountains and a Winged Guardian, while Idraen was fortunate to encounter an Ithilien Tracker and a West Road Traveller. The latter pointed out a way to change from the Hithaeglir Stream to the Plains of Enedwaith, an opportunity gladly taken.

Not many travellers could be spared for reconnaissance. It did not matter: the main danger was not enemies but a recurrence of being Low on Provisions.  Absorbing the damage caused by hunger was difficult and it was fortunate that only the West Road Traveller died from its effects.  The only new foe discovered was a solitary Boar Clan Warrior, so they were able to cross the Plains of Enedwaith and regain the Hithaeglir Stream.

Chief Turch switched back to Idraen’s party and killed the Ithilien Tracker, and Théoden lured the Warrior to his group. One Warrior then attacked the Winged Guardian which easily held if off, while the other hit the Eagles of the Misty Mountains which was caught off-guard by a stratagem and died.  Dunhère was able to hit the Dunland Tribesman who was still hanging back and the team of Théoden and Mablung killed the previously unwounded Warrior.

16 - 1 ffg_ithilien-tracker-hon   17 - 1 ffg_boar-clan-warrior_the-dunland-trap_18   18 - 1 ffg_west-road-traveller-rtm

At that time Beravor searched around for help, finding A Good Harvest and remembering the Lore of Imladris. (That gave the remaining Warrior a chance for a more effective attack, but it was considered worth the risk).

Threat           36/35

No Way Out                         Time  3

Hithaeglir Stream              Travel Nil

Turn 7

Draw: Party 1         Feint, Landroval     Party 2          Mustering the Rohirrim, Protector of Lorien

Only those party members who could also defend the camp were allowed to leave: the defence of the camps was the priority and all that could be done to strengthen it was for Théoden to be healed by the Lore of Imladris and to be named as Protector of Lorien.

Even so, they did advance a short way, only to find the Plains of Enedwaith again, and to undergo another Frenzied Attack. That actually served to improve their chances, as they learned of a way to make a Sneak Attack.  They also learned of nearby Ithalien Tracker, but he was found to have left almost as soon as they heard of his existence.

They were not satisfied with that, asking Grima to see what he could find. He claimed The Eagles Are Coming, and that a Winged Guardian and a Descendant of Thorondor could be expected at any moment.

That was in the future. Right now, Chief Turch moved back to the first group and cut down the Winged Guardian.  The last remaining Warrior, with at least four combat tricks up its sleeve, was thwarted by a Feint.  Dunhère weakened the Tribesman a little more and Théoden and Mablung, now used to fighting together, had no trouble eliminating the Warrior.

Beravor was again asked to look for help, but this time for the other party. She did locate the old battle cry, “Forth Eorlingas” but that was not much use at the moment.  The presence of Gwaihir was not much more helpful.

Threat                       37/36

No Way Out                         Time  1

Hithaeglir Stream              Travel 2

Turn 8

Draw: Party 1         The Eagles Are Coming    Party 2          Éomund

Rumours that The Eagles Are Coming were welcome, as was the word that Éomund was close. As it was, the Descendant of Thorondor made a Sneak Attack, finishing off the Tribesman who died just before he was ready to engage Théoden’s group.  With the help of a Good Harvest, Éomund joined Idraen.  This would be the final clash, the last attempt by Chief Turch to slaughter the expedition.  Nobody could be spared to scout, all were required to stem the assault.

A Frenzied Attack followed by the sight of a Boar Clan Warrior provided a slight increase in the sense of danger. The lack of exploration made everyone more concerned but that could wait.  Chief Turch again altered his direction of attack which signalled this would be the last offensive.  He slew Éomund, but the Warrior could not damage anyone.

The enemy withdrew, unaware that another attack would have found the adventurers virtually defenceless. Supporting each other as they went, the two groups made their way to safety.


Party One Final Threat:    42

Party Two Final Threat:    41

Heroes Dead                        Nil

Heroes Wounded               Mablung, Idraen                                        3 wounds each

Théodred, Dunhère                                   2 wounds each

Beravor                                                         1 wound

Victory Points

Old South Road                  1

Munuv Duv Ravine                        3

Normal difficulty                The Ring Maker: 2 x 4 points

Total VPs                               12

Spending Victory Points

11points to heal all characters, one point wasted

Overall Score

Party One                             42

Party Two                             41

Less VPs                                – 12

Plus 10 x 7 Rounds             70

Total                                       139


I must admit that I had to play this scenario several times to win: the requirement that no heroes die on the final stage was incredibly hard to meet. Not because of the enemies so much as the events.  For some reason I kept getting hit with multiple copies of the same treachery which always killed someone or left the parties unable to meet the next combat round.

I would have accepted the deaths were it not for the fact that by losing I would have to repeat the quest, with less chance of success than originally.

So a very tough quest, at least for these parties. The enemies are not easy to kill outright and can deliver heavy blows.  Some of the treacheries are hard to take and the scenario rules make it difficult to prepare for what is to come.

No doubt in my mind that it has been by far the most difficult to date.

Deck contents


With the death of Éomund, the two copies of that card were removed and replaced with 2 x Rider of the Mark


Quest 22: Into Fangorn

Lord of the Rings LCG Campaign 

The 22nd Quest: Into Fangorn

With Mugash captured, it was thought the mission was over. The orc leader escaped however, and fled into Fangorn Forest.  In pursuit the two groups found the trees themselves oppose their intrusion

Starting Threat

Party One     Théoden (12), Mablung (10), Théodred (8)

Party Two    Indraen (11), Beravor(10), Dúnhere (8)

Opening draw

Party One: Unseen Strike, Sneak Attack, Winged Guardian, Warden of Helm’s Deep, Hail of Stones, Vassal of the Windlord

Party Two: Westfold Horsebreeder, Éomund, Stand and Fight, Westfold Traveller, Westfold Horsebreaker, Ithilien Archer

Staging Area

Edge of Fangorn (guarding Mugash), Heart of Fangorn


1 - 1 ffg_edge-of-fangorn-voi   2 - 2 ffg_into-the-woods-voi   3 - 1 ffg_heart-of-fangorn-voi

Turn 1

Draw: Party One    Descendent of Thorondor                       Party Two:   Mustering the Rohirrim

Before entering the forbidding forest, Théoden called on a Winged Guardian to help defend his group while Idraen had to make do with a Westfold Horse-breeder. The pursuit did not begin well.  With seven scouts ahead, both groups found themselves short of provisions which had the effect of weakening Mablung, Théodred, Grima, Beravor and Dúnhere and badly hurting the two leaders,Théoden and Idraen.  The nearby presence of a Dark-hearted Huorn somewhere nearby was the only danger detected as they set off for the Heart of Fangorn.

That danger was easily handled. Before the enemy could move up to engage either party a Descendent of Thorondor made a Sneak Attack, darting in and out before the Huorn could react.  A Hail of Stones from the Winged Guardian finished it off.

As the end of the day approached, Beravor took advantage of the lack of fighting to search around and found signs that the titles of Wingfoot and Protector of Lórien could be available. Then everyone rested in preparation for the second day.

Threat 31/30

Heart of Fangorn:                         Travel Nil

Into the Woods:                 Travel 5, Time 3

Turn 2

Draw: Party 1         Support of the Eagles       Party 2          Ride to Ruin

A Vassal of the Windlord joined his fellow eagle and Éomund arrived to support Idraen’s group, already strengthened by Beravor’s nomination to be Wingfoot. The added members allowed the exploring party to be larger.  Another Dark-Hearted Huorn was found, as well as a path into the Tangled Woods.  These could not prevent them from reaching the Heart of Fangorn and making good progress Into the Woods, allowing a detour to the Tangled Woods.

4 - 1 Dark-Hearted-Huorn  5 - 1 ffg_hail-of-stones-rtr6 - 1 ffg_tangled-woods-voi

The Dark-Hearted Huorn came close to Théoden’s group but did not attack, instead intending to slow the party down and create concern. There was little that could be done, but Beravor found more promises of future assistance.  She already was known as Wingfoot, so that would not help, but a hint that a call of Stand and Fight was possible was definitely worth knowing.

-1 Travel from Into the Woods (Dark-Hearted Huorn)

Threat           32/31           

Tangled Woods:                 Travel Nil

Into the Woods:                 Travel 10, Time 2 

Turn 3

+1 Threat to Party 1 (now 34) from Dark-Hearted Huorn

 Draw: Party 1        The Eagles are Coming     Party 2          Stand and Fight

A cry that “The Eagles are Coming” told everyone that another Winged Guardian was on the way as well provoking a repeat of the call that promised another Descendent of Thorondor could be expected. They would have to wait, as Théoden claimed the Support of the Eagles.  While all this was happening, Beravor was declared a Protector of Lórien and a Steed of the Mark was provided to Théoden.

The number of scouts increased to nine so although another Dark-Hearted Huorn and a Deadly Huorn loomed into sight the adventurers still reached the Tangled Woods and the pursuit of Mugash continued.   In fact they closed in on the escapee, entering into the Edge of Fangorn.  This alerted an Angry Huorn, but it could be ignored for now.

7 - 1 ffg_deadly-huorn-voi  8 - 1 ffg_support-of-the-eagles-rtm  9 - 1 ffg_angry-huorn-voi

With both parties being tailed by a Dark-Hearted Huorn a steady loss of progress could be noted, even if no combat took place with these creatures. The Deadly Huorn had no such fear of getting close but the Winged Guardian countered its attack without taking any damage.  That creature would have to be dealt with later.   It was more pressing to destroy the Dark-Hearted Huorn that was sapping the courage of the group: Théoden, armed with the Support of the Eagles, together with the Vassal of the Windlord, cut it to pieces.  The Vassal, its job done, left immediately.

-2 Travel from Into the Woods (2 x Dark-Hearted Huorn)

Once more Beravor was not needed and could look for anything useful nearby. Another Westfold Horsebreeder was not far away, and there was a rumour that Astonishing Speed could reached in the future.

Threat           35/32

Edge of Fangorn:               Travel Nil

Into the Woods:                 Travel 16, Time 1

Turn 4

+1 Threat to Party 2 (now 33)

Draw: Party 1         Vassal of the Windlord     Party 2          Ride to Ruin

The presence of the Angry Huorn, even at some distance, caused the Winged Guardian to flee, but its loss was more than compensated by the arrival of a Vassal of the Windlord, a Warden of Helm’s Deep and a Descendent of Thorondor. The last to arrive dealt the Angry Huorn a couple of wounds as it passed it.  Idraen could only greet a solitary Westfold Horsebreaker.

The number of scouts had to be sharply reduced because of the need to defend against the surrounding Huorns, but no amount of reconnaissance could have prevented the parties being Turned Around. Instead of closing in on Mugash at the Edge of Fangorn, they had the heartbreaking sight of the orc escaping into The Angry Forest.  To add to the confusion, a track to the Tangled Woods was found.

10 - 1 ffg_descendant-of-thorondor-thoem 11 - 2 ffg_the-angry-forest-voi12 - 1 ffg_MEC31_138

Even so, they made it to the Edge of Fangorn and penetrated a short way into The Angry Forest. Unfortunately even that small amount of progress was reduced by the lurking Dark-Hearted Huorn and there was nobody to spare to examine the path to the Tangled Woods.  Worse was to come: the Deadly Huorn slaughtered the Descendent of Thorondor.  (Though it did deliver a couple of additional wounds to the Angry Huorn before it expired).

Idraen called a Vassal of the Windlord to Stand and Fight and with its assistance she and the rest of her group slew the Dark-Hearted Huorn that was holding them back and causing anxiety. Straightaway Théoden used the Strength of the Eagles to boost his power and with another Vassal and the Warden finally has his revenge on the Deadly Huorn.  Both Vassals then departed.

Threat           36/34

The Angry Forest:              Travel 3, Time 2

Turn 5

Draw: Party 1         Rohan Warhorse   Party 2          A Good Harvest

Another Winged Guardian gave Théoden’s group some much needed defence capability and Idraen would have the benefit of an Ithilien Archer. A small number of scouts were sent out, which was a fortunate decision.  The Forest’s Malice was revealed, as an Angry Huorn attacked Théoden’s party and yet another Dark-Hearted Huorn attached itself to Idraen’s group.  The only other discovery was a second path to the Tangled Woods.

Again nobody could be spared to travel down either path to the Tangled Woods and then the Dark-Hearted Huorn forced them back a short way out of the Angry Forest.

In the fighting that followed, the Warden of Helm’s Deep fell to the onslaught of the Angry Huorn that was engaged with Théoden’s party. By using an Unseen Strike that Angry Huorn was cut down, and the one that still held back was damaged further when Idraen called a Descendent of Thorondor to Stand and Fight.  That eagle also lent its talons to the attack on the Dark-Hearted Huorn that saw that tree tumble to the ground.

Threat           37/35

The Angry Forest               Travel 6, Time 1

Turn 6

Draw: Party 1         Warden of Helm’s Deep   Party 2          A Test of Will

Neither group could find any assistance in the form of additional members or equipment, but there was little opposition ahead so seven scouts were sent ahead. As if it had been waiting for the chance, the Forest’s Malice struck again.  A Deadly Huorn attacked the second party and a fourth Dark-Hearted Huorn came close to the Théoden’s group.  As the leaders considered how to deal with these new enemies, once more the Forest’s Malice was revealed as the Deadly Huorn charged the Descendent of Thorondor, killing it with a single blow.  That blow, however, also brought about the end of the Angry Huorn that had been wounded earlier.  It died without ever closing with the pursuers.

Théoden led the groups into the Tangled Woods as the Dark-Hearted Huorn delayed them and the Deadly Huorn attempted without success to defeat the Winged Guardian. Idraen and her companions made short work of the Deadly Huorn and then sent the Westfold Horsebreaker away on a Ride to Ruin, allowing considerable progress to be made into the Tangled Woods.  Grima, who had done nothing that day, was able to provide the chance of an Unseen Strike.

Time had run out for the expedition however, and they were forced to restart their search of The Angry Forest, attracting the attention of two more Deadly Huorns. Gritting their teeth, the adventurers forged on.

Threat           38/36

Tangled Woods                  Travel 3

The Angry Forest               Travel 15, Time 3

Turn 7

+1 threat to Party 1 (now 39)

Draw: Party 1         Westfold Outrider  Party 2          Lore of Imladris

Despite the steady loss of companions, new recruits could still be found. A Westfold Outrider was accompanied by another Warden of Helm’s Deep and another shout to Stand and Fight attracted one more Descendent of Thorondor, who followed the practice of his predecessors by delivering several blows to a waiting Deadly Huorn.  Mustering the Rohirrim (only possible with a Good Harvest) however did not locate any more prospective members.

13 - 1 ffg_ithilien-archer-eaad  14 - 1 ffg_the-forests-malice-voi  15 - 1 ffg_westfold-outrider-voi

For once no more sentient trees were found, just a sidetrack to the Heart of Fangorn. That good news was offset by the discovery that Idraen was In Need of Rest: she had to return to camp and warned that her health was declining.  The lack of opposition did mean that they cleared the Tangled Wood and thanks to an effort by Mablung could move into the Heart of Fangorn.

The wounded Deadly Huorn attacked the first party, the other closed on the second. (The Dark-hearted Huorn still trailed Théoden’s group, slowing them down).  Between them the Winged Guardian and the Warden of Helm’s Deep held off the two trees without suffering any injury and concerted attacks by both parties ended the threat they posed.

That was all well and good, but time was passing and that caused Idraen to tell her companions that her life was ebbing away.

Threat                       40/37 

Heart of Fangorn               Travel Nil

The Angry Forest               Travel 18, Time 2 (+1 Wound Idraen)

Turn 8

+1 Threat to Party 1 (now 41)

Draw: Party 1         Vassal of the Windlord     Party 2          Astonishing Speed

Another Vassal of the Windlord showed up, and a West Road Traveller showed them the way to change their path away from the Heart of Fangorn into the Tangled Wood. A rumour that they were Low on Provisions was only quashed by a Test of Will, which was fortunate as it could have ended the quest there and then.  Again none of the trees that had caused so much pain and delay were located, and they pushed through the Tangled Woods with ease.  Idraen took the time to use the Lore of Imladris to heal herself completely, but she warned she was still In Need of Rest, though she was ready to push on to the Heart of Fangorn.

16 - 1 ffg_in-need-of-rest-voi  17 - 1 ffg_lore-of-imladris-core  18 - 1 ffg_low-on-provisions-voi

All that remained to be done was get rid of the annoying Black-Hearted Huorn: with the Support of the Eagles and the some help from the Warden and a shot or two from the Ithilien Archer it was left behind, its delaying tactics ended. Grima had tried to get more assistance, but all he could find was a Rohan Warhorse.

Threat                       42/38

Heart of Fangorn               Travel Nil

The Angry Forest               Travel 20, Time 1 (+1 Wound Idraen)

Turn 9

Draw: Party 1         Heir of Marsil          Party 2          Steed of the Mark

Mablung was declared to be the Heir of Marsil (though it was found later that as he was not of Noble birth, he was ineligible for the honour). The battered parties had no other reinforcement or repair: they must continue despite their wounds and growing unease.

The situation was already grim but it got worse. First they found that they were Off Track, which they could have dealt with (they expected to reach the Heart of Fangorn within the hour) were it not immediately followed by the discovery that they had been Turned Around.  Suddenly the track to the Heart of Fangorn disappeared and the loss of a lot of time threatened the life of Idraen.  Then a burst of hope: Mugash was sighted!  That hope was almost destroyed when it was found that both groups were Low on Provisions.  It was a disaster.  The Warden, Outrider and Westfold Horsebreaker died, and virtually every other member of the parties was weakened, some badly.

19 - 1 ffg_off-track-voi20 - 1 ffg_escape-from-fangorn-voi21 - 1

They stumbled on, regaining the path to the Heart of Fangorn, but time was running out fast. Grima and Beravor used their remaining energy to look for anything that could help, finding some Secret Paths, knowledge of Radagast’s Cunning and word of an approaching Ithilien Tracker.  Dunhere made an effort to seize the now unguarded Mugash, as they began the Escape From Fangorn.  The road would not be easy: it was a long way to travel and two Dark-Hearted Huorns were already barring the way.  The dire effects of having wandered Off Track were still being felt as half the time available to make that journey evaporated and Idraen again grew close to death.

Threat 43/39

Heart of Fangorn               Travel Nil

Escape From Fangorn       Travel Nil      Time 2

Turn 10

Draw: Party 1         Support of the Eagles       Party 2          Astonishing Speed

It was time for one last surge to break free of the grip of the forest. They could not survive more combat against the trees.  A Descendent of Thorondor and and a Westfold Horsebreeder were welcome additions, but they could would not last long against the power of the Huorns.  Everyone was encouraged to search for a quick way out.  The Forest’s Malice brought two Angry Huorns and another Deadly Huorn lurched toward them, ready to kill and maim.

Speed was essential. Radagast’s Cunning deceived the Deadly Huorn for now, but it was the use of Astonishing Speed that was critical.  Each of the Rohirrim present had their enthusiasm boosted and with that huge increase in the ability of the scouts to find a safe path, the parties burst past the Heart of Fangorn and escaped the forest.  It was a very close thing, and it was fortunate that now all would have time to recuperate before their next quest.


Party One Final Threat:    43

Party Two Final Threat:    39

Heroes Dead                        Nil

Heroes Wounded               Théoden, Idraen, Dúnhere, Beravor    3 wounds each

Mablung, Théodred                                  2 wounds each

Victory Points 

Edge of Fangorn                 1

Normal difficulty                The Ring Maker: 2 x 4 points

Total VPs                               9

Spending Victory Points

3 x 2                                       One extra resource for Théodred and Beravor

3                                              One extra mulligan for Party 1

Overall Score

Party One                             43

Party Two                             39

Less VPs                                – 9

Plus 10 x 9 Rounds             90

Total                                       163


One of the toughest quests to date. Had I not had a Lore of Imladris I would have lost my first hero.  The key, as with all these “time’ quests, is to use the time allowed to build up strength.  That includes allowing the time to expire if the negative effects are bearable – there is no point in leaping into the next stage when you are in no shape to deal with the new threats.

Killing Huorns is not easy, even with the Support of the Eagles turning one hero into a superhero. You must try to keep their numbers down, although I accept that is easier to say than to do.  In this quest I found that the amount of questing power needed was relatively low and it is possible to keep a sizeable force for fighting, though this is made much easier if you have some way to revitalise your best damage dealers.   Having combat pumpers is always a good idea, but against Huorns it is essential.

Deck contents

With the death of Gléowine, the two copies of that card were removed and replaced with 2 x Ithilien Archer










Quest 21: To Catch an Orc

Lord of the Rings LCG Campaign

 The 21st Quest: To Catch an Orc

The source of the orc troubles is a Mugash, the orc leader who is hiding in the mountains. The two groups have been given the dangerous task of seeking him out and capturing him.

 Starting Threat

 Party One     Théoden (12), Mablung (10), Théodred (8)

Party Two    Indraen (11), Beravor(10), Dúnhere (8)

Opening draw

 Party One: 2 x Spear of the Mark, Snowbourn Scout, Sneak Attack, Feint, Forth Eorlingas

Party Two: A Test of Will, Secret Paths, A Good Harvest, Gléowine, Escort from Edoras, Westfold Horse-Breeder

 Staging Area

 Methedras, Mugash’s Lair

 1-ffg_methedras-voi  2-2-ffg_orders-from-orthanc-voi  3-ffg_mugashs-lair-voi

Turn 1

 Draw: Party One    Rohan Warhorse               Party Two:   Wingfoot

 Preparations for the trek into the mountains were frantic as both parties equipped members for the journey ahead, with Methedras and Mugash’s Lair not far away.   Théoden mounted his Rohan Warhorse and handed a Spear of the Mark to Dúnhere while greeting a Snowbourn Scout who brought some information about Methedras.  Idraen’s group was increased by the arrival of a Westfold Horse-Breeder who brought word of a nearby Steed of the Mark.  Beravor was given the title “Wingfoot”, an indication of her ability to recover from tiredness after scouting trips.  As they were about to leave, Grima showed up, ready to help wherever needed.  That assistance was welcome, but they could wait no longer.  They needed to hurry, as the time available for Searching for Mugash was short.

Six scouts set out, stumbling over a Prowling Wolf and a pathway to an Orc Cave. Théoden, with the help of Théodred and his Warhorse, was ready for action, as was Beravor, who had anticipated enemies ahead.  The success in exploration bought them a little time as well.

4-ffg_prowling-wolf-voi  5-5-ffg_searching-for-mugash-voi  6-ffg_methedras-orc-voi

Methedras was set as the next objective and, as they prepared for the encounter, the adventurers carried out a minimal search of their surroundings for signs of Mugash, but without success. Then the Wolf was on them.  The Snowbourn Scout went down to its attack, and the threat of a Methedras Orc led to an unfortunate loss of some of the time available for the first stage of the quest.  To add to their problems, Théoden could not kill the beast, though he came close.  Beravor offered some hope for the future however, providing Théoden’s group with two opportunities to make a Feint in future combat.  (Before you ask, yes, I had shuffled thoroughly).

Threat 31/30 

Methedras: Travel 1

Searching for Mugash: Time 1

Turn 2

Draw: Party 1         Vassal of the Windlord     Party 2          Stand and Fight

Idraen could not do anything to improve her group but Dúnhere received another Spear of the Mark from the other group, making him a potent attacker. Théoden will benefit from the arrival of a Vassal of the Windlord.

Exploration was by the same individuals as the previous day, with similar results: a new pathway (another to Methedras) and a nearby enemy (a Methedras Orc). Their questing may have been in vain, had it not been for the use of Secret Paths to negate the effect of Mugash’s Lair.  As it was, they explored Methedras and searched again for Mugash.  This search was more thorough, and while no trace of Mugash or of his Guards was found, they did learn of a new method of making a Sneak Attack and to become a Protector of Lórien.

Mugash’s Lair was the next goal and Idraen’s group braced for the attack of the Methedras Orc. That brief moment allowed for a quick search of the surroundings, and one of Mugash’s Guard was found not far away.

A Feint took care of the Orc, at least for now, but the Wolf, strengthened by the presence of nearby enemy held locations, killed the Vassal. That led to the downfall of the Orc, as a cry to “Stand and Fight” lifted the eagle from the ground for another effort.  With Dúnhere and Beravor it slew the Methedras Orc and Théoden finished off the wolf.

Threat           32/31

Mugash’s Lair:                    Travel Nil

Searching for Mugash:    Time 1

Turn 3

 Draw: Party 1        Gandalf         Party 2          Eomund

It was Théoden’s turn to sit and watch as Idraen grew her party with Eomund arriving and Berevor being made a Protector of Lórien. With numbers growing, it was felt that eight scouts could be sent out, particularly as no enemies were in sight.  It turned out to be a rash decision.  An Orc Hunter was only the first enemy to be discovered and with time short there was no option but to press on.  Advised to Take Cover, it took a Test of Will to avoid attracting more foes.  It was not much use.  A Prowling Wolf appeared, and then another call to Take Cover caused consternation.  The Westfold Horse-Breeder fled and Grima, Mablung, Théoden, Idraen and Eomund all took damage.  A Methedras Orc showed up to hammer home the point: the adventurers faced a bitter fight to capture the orc leader.

Only one person could help the beleagued expedition and Gandalf did not let them down, making a Sneak Attack to kill the Wolf. That allowed the parties to make for Methedras, having explored Mugash’s Lair.  Sadly Gandalf then left, leaving them to prepare for the assault.

7-ffg_feint-core  8-ffg_mugashs-guard-voi  9-ffg_eomund-catc

The enemy were split, with the Orc Hunter taken by Théoden and the Methedras Orc being enticed to attack Idraen’s party. Things looked grim: both orcs were not only powerful but heavily armoured.  Another Sneak Attack by Gandalf solved the problem.  The Methedras Orc was badly hurt and a Feint nullified his attack.  The other orc wounded Théoden before being slain by Gandalf, moments after Idraen and Beravor ended the life of the Methedras Orc.  To make the result of the battle even better, Dúnhere used his spear to good effect, surging forward to wound Mugash’s Guard four times.

Threat           33/32

Methedras: Nil

Searching for Mugash:    Time 1

Turn 4

Draw: Party 1         Winged Guardian  Party 2          Ride to Ruin

Gandalf made yet another appearance, promising that this time he would stay a little longer than his last two appearances. To celebrate his arrival, he showed the corpse of Mugash’s Guard.

The number of scouts was sharply reduced in light of the number of enemies encountered: the memory of the narrow escape the previous day was still sharp. With some regret, it was decided that the wounded Eomund would be more useful leaving Idraen’s group and making a Ride to Ruin which not only completed the exploration of Methedras but also allowed Idraen, Grima, Théoden and Théodred to prepare for combat.

No enemies were found but the caution was not wasted as once more the explorers were forced to Take Cover. Mablung and Beravor were wounded, but the others were fresh enough to do so without damage.  An Orc Cave lay ahead and another area of Methedras needed to be mapped.  With no enemy present, it was a good time to venture to the Orc Cave, and it was found to be empty.  Gandalf’s visit and Eomund’s departure were not really exploited but no-one really minded the lack of combat.

Threat           34/33

Orc Cave:                              Travel: 1

Searching for Mugash:    Time 1

Turn 5

Draw: Party 1         Gandalf         Party 2          Stand and Fight

While Eomund was missed, he was soon replaced. A Winged Guardian, a Westfold Horse-Breaker and the bard Gléowine were recruited.

10-ffg_ride-to-ruin-thoem  11-ffg_orc-cave-voi  12-ffg_gleowine-core

Only an Orc Skimisher was located, boosted by the presence of an Orc Hunting Party. That did not prevent the Orc Cave being thoroughly searched and although no trace of Mugash was found, rumours of a Winged Guardian close by almost made up for that.  Traipsing off towards Methedras again, Idraen’s party came under attack by the Skirmisher.  The Winged Guardian was an effective sentinel and blocked the attack, but the effect of the Hunting Party meant that the Skirmisher made another assault.  Unprepared for this, Gléowine fell, mortally wounded.  The combined force of Idraen and Dúnhere eliminated any future threat from the orc and Beravor indicated that she would soon be able to provide some Unexpected Courage and Thror’s Key, which was some consolation for the loss of another companion.

Threat           35/34

Methedras: Travel Nil

Searching for Mugash:    Time 1

Turn 6 

Draw: Party 1         Descendant of Thorondor           Party 2          A Good Harvest

Idraen gave Unexpected Courage to Mablung and another Winged Guardian landed close to Théoden. A limited number of scouts were sent out, both leaders wary of the power of the orcs and their ability to mass quickly.  That caution was well founded, as a passing Orc Hunting Party attracted an Orc Hound which them brought an Orc Hunter and a Prowling Wolf.  As if that were not enough, the successful search of Methedras revealed Mugash himself.  Luckily the search also alerted them that the Eagles Are Coming and to Stand and Fight.

13-ffg_orc-skirmisher-voi  14-fg_orc-hunting-party-voi  15-ffg_orc-hunter-voi

That lucky break encouraged a Warden of Helm’s Deep to Stand and Fight, as A Good Harvest let Beravor and Idraen combine to gain his support. Then the onslaught began.

Idraen lured the Hound towards her, though it left her exhausted, while Théoden attracted the attention of Mugash. The Wolf followed the Hound and the Hunter followed his leader.

16-ffg_orc-hound-voi  17-ffg_mec31_138  18-ffg_mugash-voi

The six heroes and their allies were well prepared however. The Warden was impervious to the Wolf as was the Winged Guardian to the Hound, though a ploy by the beast saw Théoden lose his Rohan Warhorse.  Mugash was too powerful to face and had to be deceived by a Feint, and the other Winged Guardian kept the Hunter at bay.  Dúnhere could deal with the Wolf by himself but to kill the Hunter Mablung had to call upon Unexpected Courage to join Théoden in the attack.  Mugash and the Hound would have to wait.

As she could not damage the Hound by herself, Beravor was content to search around for more Strength of Will and news of A Good Harvest.

Threat           36/35

The Wizard’s Prize: Travel Nil, Time 2

Turn 7

Draw: Party 1         Heir of Mardil Party 2      Astonishing Speed

Before dawn someone shouted “The Eagles are Coming” and there was a rumour of Support of the Eagles. Another shout went up and word spread that a Vassal of the Windlord and the Eagles of the Misty Mountains were on their way.  The Vassal was soon at the camp though its arrival was overshone by Gandalf turning up again, taking the opportunity to do some damage to Mugash.  At the same time Théoden was named Heir of Mardil, which would give him a chance of defending the camp as well as exploring.  An Escort from Edoras would also assist in reconnaissance, though any help would be brief so he would be held in reserve for now.

The scouts did well but in the absence of Mugash no progress was made: the parties could go no further until he was located. In the meantime an Orc Hunter and Skirmisher approached, and all the Orcs in sight were strengthened by a nearby Orc Hunting Party.  But that was not all: as they made their way towards an Orc Cave they roused another Methedras Orc.  The Escort used Strength of Will to force some way along the path to the Cave, but there were many foes waiting for them before they could reach that goal.  That would be dangerous, as Dúnhere discovered.  As the Skirmisher approached Idraen’s party, it slashed him three times, bringing him near death.  The Hunter and the Methedras Orc joined Mugash in attacking Théoden’s group.

Both Winged Guardians fell to Mugash and the Methedras Orc, although the Warden of Helm’s Deep parried the blows of the Hunter. Beravor took two wounds from the Skirmisher, only saved by tossing away Thror’s Key to abosrb one sword stroke.  Being a Protector of Lórien has its benefits outside scouting.  Idraen had no such protection and the Orc Hound gained an advantage by a ploy and hit her once.

Suffering so much pain did have its reward. Théoden and Gandalf managed to bring down and capture Mugash (Theodred took charge of the prisoner) and Dúnhere slew the Hound.

There were many enemies ready to attack but the adventurers now had a chance to break free. It may, however, be their last chance.

Threat                       37/36

Orc Cave                   Travel 2

The Wizard’s Prize Travel Nil, Time 1

Turn 8

Draw: Party 1         Unseen Strike          Party 2          A Test of Will

A quick scan of the neighbourhood confirmed that the enemy strength was such that, even before the inevitable reinforcements arrived, many deaths could be expected. The expedition could fail at the last hurdle.

19-ffg_vassal-of-the-windlord-tdm  20-20-ffg_the-wizards-prize-voi  21-escort-from-edoras

As a result, all energy was to be reserved for the breakout and every member of the two groups left camp to scout a way out of the encircling orcs. It turned out that no new enemy were found but another Orc Cave made the task harder and the sighting of a third Orc Hunting Party made facing the existing foes even more dangerous.  Even with the extraordinary efforts of the Escort from Edoras, not enough progress was made to escape.

It was time to make a last desperate effort. By using the benefits of A Good Harvest all the Rohan heroes and allies acquired Astonishing Speed.  With that advantage, the parties shot past the Orc Cave and, bearing their prisoner, left the enraged orcs behind them.


Party One Final Threat:    37

Party Two Final Threat:    36

Heroes Dead                        Nil

Heroes Wounded               Dúnhere and Beravor 3 wounds each

Mablung and Idraen 2 wounds each

Théoden and Théodred 1 wound each

Unique Allies Dead             Gléowine

Victory Points

 Mugash’s Guard                 3

Normal difficulty                The Ring Maker: 2 x 4 points

Total VPs                               11

Spending Victory Points

Heal wounds                       11

Overall Score

Party One                             37

Party Two                             36

Less VPs                                – 11

Plus 10 x 7 Rounds             70

Total                                       132


I have played this scenario with friends before and have been comprehensively smashed every time. So I was a bit nervous about attempting it with these two decks which, as I stated last time, basically rely on Player 1 to do the heavy work.

When playing however, there was only one point where I thought I might lose, and even then it was more a fear that a hero or two would die rather than being wiped out. I will admit that getting all three of my “Feint” cards was a huge assistance but they were not critical: I could have planned things differently has I not held them.   (And again, I really do shuffle well).

I still think this scenario can be very tough. If you do not get Mugash until late you can build up a lot of damage on your characters.  And if you get him too early, you may not be able to deal with him and the powerful orcs.

As with the previous scenario, I think the key to success is timing: prepare to use all the time you have on each stage, but to not need any extra. Easy to say, harder to perform.

Quest 20: The Fords of Isen

Lord of the Rings LCG Campaign 

The 20th Quest: The Fords of Isen

It is some years after the dwarves found the terrible truth of the fate of Balin’s colony, and two groups of rangers and riders of Rohan have been sent to patrol the plains to the north of the Gap of Rohan. They come across a small party of Rohirrim, including Grima, who have been trapped by hordes of Dunlendings on an island in the Isen.  They need to act swiftly to drive off the Dunlendings

 1-theoden   2-mablung-small   3-ffg_theodred-core

Starting Threat

Party One     Théoden (12), Mablung (10), Théodred (8)

Party Two    Indraen (11), Beravor(10), Dúnhere (8)

4-ffg_idraen-the-three-trials-25   5-ffg_beravor-core   6-ffg_dunhere-core

Opening draw

Party One: Sneak Attack, 2 x Gandalf, Eagle of the Misty Mountains, Feint, Snowborne Scout

Party Two: A Good Harvest, Gléowine, Stand and Fight, Mustering the Rohirrim, Steed of the Mark, Westfold Horse Breaker

Staging Area

The Islet (Grima), Dunland Tribesman, Dunland Berserker

 7-ffg_grima-objective-voi   8-2-ffg_fight-at-the-fords-voi  9-ffg_the-islet-voi

Turn 1

Draw: Party One    Feint               Party Two:   Strength of Will

The two parties were well prepared for a fight and at a word from their leaders they moved to relieve their beleaguered comrades. The arrival of a Snowbourn Scout proved a great help, giving them enough knowledge of The Isle to free Grima, and a Steed of the Mark would give Théoden some extra energy.  Idraen also called upon the Mustering of the Rohirrim and received word that a Westfold Horsebreeder was on the way.

Some members stayed behind as Théoden, Théodred, Idraen and Dúnhere set out to explore, assisted by Grima.  As they scouted the enemy positions, Théoden stayed ready for combat thanks to his mount and the boost given to his enthusiasm by the presence of Théodred in the reconnaissance expedition.  The rangers and Rohirrim already knew of that a Dunlending Tribesman and Berserker were close, but they also discovered information about the route to the Gap of Rohan and the neighbourhood of the Ford of Isen.  No progress was made on the Fight at the Fords and it was thought best to travel via the Ford of Isen.

10-ffg_gap-of-rohan-voi   11-ffg_dunland-berserker-voi   12-fords-of-isen

It was also thought best to leave the Tribesman for now, and concentrate on the Berserker. He presented a danger, as his swift butchery of the Snowbourn Scout displayed, but he could not withstand the combined power of Théoden and Mablung.  Not being needed for combat, Beravor sought out more help, and was able to confirm that the title of Wingfoot would be awarded to a member of the party and that a Ride to Ruin had been announced.

Threat 31/30

Ford of Isen: Travel Nil

Fight at the Ford: Travel Nil, Time 4

Turn 2

Draw: Party 1         Spear of the Mark Party 2          Astonishing Speed

As promised, Beravor is to be known as “Wingfoot” which should help her recover from any tiredness caused by reconnaissance, and the Westfold Horsebreeder arrived. A call to Stand and Fight gave the Snowborne Scout the incentive to return to action and to share a little information about the Ford of Isen.  Some Eagles of the Misty Mountains gave Théoden’s group extra power in attack and defence, as well as a welcome boost to scouting ability.   Just as useful was the discovery of a Spear of the Mark which was given to Dúnhere.  It would be difficult for the enemy to hold back from his probing attacks.

13-ffg_mec29_92   14-ffg_eagles-of-the-misty-mountains-rtm   15-ffg_spear-of-the-mark-tmv

Dúnhere did not join the scouting party, his place taken by the Horsebreeder. Despite locating a Dunlending Chieftain and another route to the Ford of Isen, the parties were able to advance a short way.  Again caution ruled as the Chieftain was ignored and the Tribesman lured into combat.  Not that the Chieftain was safe from attack: Dúnhere wounded him twice even as he lurked at some distance.  A Feint distracted the Tribesman who perished at the hands of Théoden and the Eagles.  Beravor was again free to seek more help and reported of another Horsebreeder on the way and that her party could withstand a Test of Will.

Threat           32/31

Ford of Isen:            Travel 3

Fight at the Ford:   Travel Nil, Time 3

Turn 3

 Draw: Party 1        The Eagles are Coming     Party 2          Unexpected Courage

Théoden declared “The Eagles are Coming” and later confirmed that the Descendant of Thorondor was on the way while the Winged Guardian was to join them immediately.  As a result of a Good Harvest Idraen could give Unexpected Courage to Mablung.

Seven scouts set out and completed checking the route to the Fords of Isen, and grew closer to the Fight at the Ford. Even though Ill Tidings and Old Hatreds would make their task harder and a Dunland Prowler and Raider approached, spirits remained high.  They set out to eliminate the other way to the Fords of Isen and the Westfold Horsebreeder exhausted herself to show part of the way before she left for good having pledged to clear the road to Gap of Rohan.

16-dunland-prowler   17-ffg_a-good-harvest-tsf   18-dunland-raider

Only the Prowler would be fought at this time, though Gandalf made a Sneak Attack and dealt the Raider no less than four wounds on his way to join Théoden. The Prowler could not harm the Winged Guardian but a rumour of another Raider caused Théoden to lose control of the Steed of the Mark.  Gandalf and Mablung made sure that the Prowler would not be a threat again and a sudden dash by Dúnhere finished off the Raider.  Unfortunately Gandalf left as swiftly as he had arrived.

Threat           33/32 

Ford of Isen: Travel 2

Fight at the Ford: Travel 4, Time 2

Turn 4

Draw: Party 1         Unseen Strike          Party 2          A Test of Will

Old Hatreds increased concern as preparations were made for the day. A Westfold Horsebreaker turned up, but otherwise there was no improvement to the strength of the group, and time to get to the Fight at the Ford was running out.   That should not be a worry with only the Chieftain blocking the way.  Once more seven scouts left the camp and having avoided some disastrous Pillaging and Burning through a Test of Will and alerting of the risk of some Wild Men of Dunland they finished the second track to the Fords of Isen and with ease reached the Fight at the Ford.

19-dunlending-chieftain   20-2-ffg_dunlending-attack-voi   21-ffg_pillaging-and-burning-voi

There they faced a Dunlending Attack, led by a Dunlending Tribesman and Bandit. Both were engaged and straightaway the Snowbourn Scout fell at the hands of the Bandit, who thanks to the trickery of the shadow tried to attack again, only thwarted by a Feint.  Meanwhile the Tribesman was unsuccessfully attacking the Winged Guardian before Mablung, enthused by Unexpected Courage, made an Unseen Strike to kill him.  The Bandit did not last much longer, a concerted push by Idraen, Beravor and Dúnhere taking care of him.

Threat           35/34

Dunlending Attack: Travel Nil, Time 1

Turn 5

Draw: Party 1         Gaining Strength   Party 2          Stand and Fight

By Gaining Strength, Théoden was able to call back Gandalf who finished off the Chieftain on his way through to the groups. Idraen had to make do with the bard Gléowine.  Only six scouts were to be used despite there not being much time to fend off the Dunlending Attack.  Idraen had a surprise though, and when the scouts reported only a Prowler ahead, together with yet another path to the Gap of Rohan, she was able to use Astonishing Speed to overcome the Dunlending Attack.  (Ill Tidings had no effect other than to irritate Théoden).

22-ffg_astonishing-speed-rtm   20-2-ffg_dunlending-attack-voi   24-ffg_winged-guardian-thfg

The task now, however, was to Hold the Ford and another Prowler and Tribesman would make that task difficult. It was a hard decision but the way to the Gap of Rohan would have to be reconnoitred, even as both Prowlers moved on Théoden’s party.  They were held off by Winged Guardian and the Eagles of the Misty Mountains, but even with Gandalf’s help only one of the attackers could be killed.

Threat           36/35

Gap of Rohan: Travel Nil

Hold the Ford: Travel Nil, Time 2

Turn 6 

Draw: Party 1         Rohan Warhorse   Party 2          Protector of Lorién

As a Descendant of Thorodor alighted it told the adventurers that it had inflicted two wounds on the Tribesman waiting ahead.   Again Idraen struggled to find help, having to resort to a call to Stand and Fight to revive the apparently lifeless corpse of the Sunborne Scout.  Another Chieftain came into sight, as well as yet another possible route to the Gap of Rohan.  Thankfully they had explored the last route so were able to take on the additional scouting required to cover the latest discovery.

Although the Winged Guardian had survived two attacks, it was outclassed by the Chieftain and perished. Its death did enthuse the Eagles of the Misty Mountains allowing them to link with Mablung to cut down the Prowler after it had hit the Descendant of Thorondor.  The Chieftain had to be left alone, there being nobody left to attack him, though Dúnhere did his dash again to put an end to the Tribesman who had thought himself out of range.

Beravor, facing no threats, was able to gather information about an nearby Ithilien Tracker and how to repeat the burst of Astonishing Speed. Both might be needed in the near future.

Threat           37/36

Gap of Rohan: Travel Nil

Hold the Fords: Travel 2, Time 1

Turn 7

Draw: Party 1         Feint   Party 2          Westfold Horsebreaker

If the two groups could not Hold the Fords and eliminate all known enemies, there might be a flood of fresh foes to deal with.  Little time remained to avoid this.  Once more Gandalf was called upon, and he did not fail those in need of his assistance, badly hurting the Chieftain on the way through.  Beravor relied on being known as a Protector of Lórien, Théoden put his trust in a Rohan Warhorse but both congratulated a newly arrived Westfold Horsebreaker.

While it was important to explore, every man and woman would be needed to fight if the enemy were to be vanquished in one hit. Dúnhere, the Westfold Horsebreaker, the Snowbourn Scout and Beravor were the lead scouts, backed by Mablung, Théodred, Grima and Gandalf.  The King’s Road lay ahead, with a Prowler and a Berserker blocking the way.  Another burst of Amazing Speed and Beravor’s use of her title gave them more than enough willpower to not only remove the Gap of Rohan from their list of things to do but also to Hold the Ford.  Now it just remained to face the Dunlendings and remove them.

Mablung used his Unexpected Courage to get ready for battle and Beravor had been refreshed by the appearance of an enemy, thanks to her reputation as a Wingfoot. A Feint deceived the dangerous Chieftain, and the other two foes were not blocked, Théoden and Beravor each taking two wounds.

25-ffg_descendant-of-thorondor-thoem   26-ffg_the-kings-road-voi   27-ffg_rohan-warhorse-voi

Between them, Mablung and Théoden brought down the crippled Chieftain, and the Rohan Warhorse was enough to allow its rider to challenge the Prowler, with the help of the Eagles of the Misty Mountains and the Descendant of Thorondor. With its demise, it only remained for Idraen and Beravor to combine to defeat the Prowler, a task they fulfilled with efficiency.  Grima was rescued and the Ford was secure: the assignment was over.


Party One Final Threat:    37

Party Two Final Threat:    36

Heroes Dead                        Nil

Heroes Wounded               Théoden and Beravor 2 wounds each

Unique Allies Dead             Nil

Victory Points

The Islet                                1

Normal difficulty                The Ring Maker: 2 x  points

Total VPs                               9

Spending Victory Points

+1 resource Théoden        3

+1 resource Idraen            3

Unused                                  3

Overall Score

Party One                             37

Party Two                             36

Less VPs                                – 9

Plus 10 x 3 Rounds             60

Total                                       124


This can be a very tough scenario if things go badly for you. I have played it in multiplayer and solo and been defeated more times than I have won.  when designing the decks to take into this cycle the strength and toughness of the Dunlendings was in my mind.  (See deck composition and comments below).

Having said that, the main thing about the “time” quests is to use the time you have. With 5 turns allowed for the First Stage, you must use this time to build your parties and save cards for use in the Second and Third, particularly the Second.  You really don’t want to have to spread out a large number of wounds (2nd) or face a large number of enemy (3rd).

Having said that, failing the time test is not fatal. Just have a plan and try to stick to it.  And keep your fingers crossed.

Apology: I have just realised I made a mistake, and right at the beginning. When I played the Snowbourn Scout I placed a travel counter on “The Islet”, completing it and freeing Grima.  That location, however, is “Immune to player card effects”.  I don’t think it had a lot of impact: I would just have done things a little differently on Turn 1.


Deck Lists (for those that can be bothered)

Warning: I am not claiming to be or ever have been a top deck designer. I make decks that I find fun to play that have a decent chance of winning.  Do not think that this deck will give you anything but fun.

When selecting cards for the Ring Maker cycle, I set a couple of restrictions. Only cards from sets used to date in the Tale of Years, only Rohan or Rangers for heroes and as much as possible for individual allies.  The one exception is the eagles, as I have always wanted to include them and they gave the Rohan warriors a boost.

It can be seen that Party One is the workhorse and Party Two the support. Both are essential, and I have found the split works well as long as everything goes as planned. Disaster otherwise.

Party One (51)

Tactics (37)

Heroes: Théoden, Théodred

Allies (17)

Gwahir x 1

Landroval x 1

Descendant of Thorondor x 2

Eagles of the Misty Mountains x 2

Guthlaf x 2

Winged Guardian x 3

Westfold Outrider x 3

Vassal of the Windlord x 3

Attachments (8)

Support of the Eagles x 3

Rohan Warhorse x 3

Spear of the Mark x 2

Events (12)

Forth Eorlingas! x 1

Feint x 3

Hail of Stones x 2

Unseen Strike x 3

The Eagle are Coming x 3

Leadership (11)

Hero: Mablung

Allies (4)

Warden of Helm’s Deep x 2

Snowbourn Scout x 2

Attachment (2)

Heir of Marbil x 2

Events (5)

Gaining Strength x 2

Sneak Attack x 3

Neutral (3)

Allies (3)

Gandalf x 3


Party Two

Spirit (32)

Heroes: Idraén, Dúnhere

Allies (10)

Éomund x 2

Escort from Edoras x 1

West Road Traveller x 2

Westfold Horse-Breaker x 3

Westfold Horse-Breeder x 2

Attachments (6)

Unexpected Courage x 1

Steed of the Mark x 3

Thror’s Key x 2

Events (16)

Stand and Fight x 3

Astonishing Speed x 3

A Test of Will x 3

Ride to Ruin x 2

Mustering the Rohirrim x 2

Strength of Will x 3

Lore (15)

Hero: Beravor

Allies (4)

Ithilien Tracker x 2

Gléowine x 2

Attachments (5)

Wingfoot x 2

Protector of Lórien x 3

Events (6)

Lore of Imladris x 3

Radagast’s Cunning x 2

Secret Paths x 1

Neutral (3)

Events (3)

A Good Harvest x 3


The 19th Quest: Shadow and Flame

Lord of the Rings LCG Campaign

 The 19th Quest: Shadow and Flame

At last the adventurers reached the heart of Moria and although the sense of doom was all around, somehow all concerns and worries were removed. They were replaced however with the realisation that the Balrog, Durin’s Bane, was nearby.  Not only that, but a Goblin Scout was on the prowl.  Gimli put on Durin’s Helm: every bit of assistance would be needed.

 1-ffg_durins-helm-fos   2-ffg_nearing-the-gate-saf  3-ffg_durins-bane-saf

Starting Threat

Party One     Legolas, Gimli and             Bifur (Nil)

Party Two    Glorfindel, Nori and Dáin Ironfoot (Nil)

Opening draw

 Party One: Hands upon the Bow, Great Yew Bow, Feint, Gandalf, Erebor Record-keeper, Dwarrowdelf Axe

Party Two: Glóin, Elrond’s Counsel, Stand and Fight, Cram, Dwalin, Snowbourn Scout

Turn 1

 Draw: Party One    Gondorian Spearman      Stand and Fight

 Allies would be needed for the challenges ahead and Legolas was very fortunate to be able to call on an Erebor Record-keeper and a Gondorian Spearman. Glorfindel was less happy, only a piece of Cram available, and he gave that to Gimli.  The strength of that dwarf would be essential to victory and it was worthwhile to give him a chance to recover that strength as often as possible.

For once Glorfindel did not lead the exploration party. His absence would upset his group and the Balrog was alert to any sense of fear and would attack any group with even the faintest sign of concern.  Gimli, Bifur and the record-keeper, together with Nori, would have to scout the route ahead.

It would not be easy. Already Bifur felt Watchful Eyes on him, as the Mountains’ Roots appeared ahead.  Not much progress was made in Nearing the Gate, but even so it was agreed to make for the Mountain’s Roots.  To make the next day’s scouting a bit more effective, Glorfindel enticed the Goblin Scout to attack Dáin.  After the goblin was held at arm’s length by the dwarf king, he was easily despatched.  His death gave Legolas the necessary information to complete the trip to the Mountains’ Roots.

The Watchful Eyes could not exploit Bifur’s exhaustion, and it was with relief that the adventurers settled down to regain their energy for the next day.

Threat 1/1

 Nearing the Gate: Travel 2

Turn 2

 Draw: Party 1         Veteran Axehand   Party 2          We Are Not Idle

Gimli again benefitted from the morning’s review of party assets, being presented with a Dwarrowdelf Axe. It was likely Durin’s Bane would strike the party as some nervousness returned.  Glorfindel’s party was in no danger as morale was lifted by the arrival of Dwalin but then the leader alarmed his companions by choosing to join the reconnaissance group.

4-ffg_dwarrowdelf-axe-kd  5-ffg_the-rear-guard-saf  6-ffg_ranging-goblin-saf

They found that Durin’s Bane was inspired by an Inner Flame, and both Gimli and Nori were wounded by a Ranging Goblin. With the help of Elrond’s Counsel, Nearing the Gate was no longer a priority.  They had passed the Mountain’s Roots and reached the gate.  Now the mission was to leave the area, relying on The Rearguard to hold off the Balrog.

The creature was drawing near, its target Legolas’ party. Glorfindel could not help, other than luring the Ranging Goblin his way.  As on the previous day, that goblin also ineffectually targeted Dáin before its death at the hands of Legolas.  (It did manage to attract the attention of a Goblin Swordsman, though that enemy took no part in the combat).  No effort was made to harm the Balrog, which contemptuously slaughtered the Gondorian Spearman, shrugging off a spear wound.

To deceive the Watchful Eyes, the record-keeper revitalised Bifur, and Dwalin, singing “We Are Not Idle” located the promise of a Late Adventurer and gave Dáin some extra hope of finding help the following day.

Threat           2/1

 The Rearguard: Travel 6

 Turn 3

 Draw: Party 1        Thror’s Map Party 2          Zigil Miner

A Veteran Axehand took the place of the missing Gondorian Spearman who, it turned out, had merely pretended to be dead and responded to a call of “Stand and Fight” by joining Glorfindel’s group. That group was also cheered by Glóin turning up, and they felt safe from Durin’s Bane.

Three dwarf heroes and Glóin formed the scouting group, the presence of the heroes giving The Rearguard additional support. An Inner Shadow could be ignored, and the location of the Second Deep was not too upsetting.  Even the realisation that Watchful eyes were on Legolas did not prevent The Rearguard from completing their task and the Dark Pit being revealed.

That provoked the Balrog to attack, and Gimli bravely took three more wounds, wounds that enraged him and greatly increased his thirst for revenge. To obtain that revenge, they hurried towards the Dark Pit, the key to success against the Last Lord of Moria, which they could never kill by weapons alone.

Glorfindel could not only help Legolas and his party by dealing with the Goblin Swordsman (which by trickery was able to hit Dáin once before its demise) but also to provide the Gondorian Spearman to sacrifice himself to the Balrog.

Gimli bolted down his portion of Cram and led the assault on Durin’s Bane. The Spearman had inflicted one desperate spear wound, and the Dwarrowdelf Axe guaranteed that no matter the armour, it would deliver at least one more.  With Legolas and the Veteran Axehand lending all the help they could, Gimli left the Balrog badly hurt, blood seeping from no less than thirteen wounds.

7-ffg_dark-pit-saf  8-ffg_last-lord-of-moria-saf  9-ffg_chance-encounter-kd

Both Bifur and Legolas were unable to do any more and the Watchful Eyes were productive. A Chance Encounter saw another Goblin Swordsman attach itself to Legolas’ group and an Orc Drummer started its incessant beat nearby, hoping to increase the impact of the enemy’s presence.  That was the least of their concerns: to the horror of all, they saw three of the gaping wounds on the Balrog miraculously heal.

 Threat 3/1

 Dark Lord of Moria: Nil

 Durin’s Bane: 10 wounds.

Turn 4

 Draw: Party 1         Unseen Strike          Party 2          Hardy Leadership

Just at the right moment Gandalf appeared, marking his appearance with a volley of wounds on the Balrog. While the wizard of course was the centre of attention, the adventurers did not forget to welcome a Snowbourn Scout and yet another Gondorian Spearman responded to a call for warriors to Stand and Fight.

Nobody was sent out to explore: this would be the final contest. Alarm might reach dizzying heights (or depths) but the success or failure of the mission would be decided at the Dark Pit by a clash with Durin’s Bane.

The lack of scouts did not mean that new information was not available. Another route to the Second Deep was found and noises of Massing in the Deep.  That brought out another Stray Goblin and the Ranging Goblin re-appeared to wound Gimli and Dwalin.

10-ffg_orc-drummer-kd  11-ffg_massing-in-the-deep-kd  12-ffg_counter-spell-saf

The combination of all these events pushed morale well over the halfway mark to despair, but it would not be lack of morale that led to defeat: it would be death. More immediate was the fact that the aura of fear drew the Stray Goblin to attack Glorfindel’s group which had already elected to fight the Drummer.

First to face the wrath of the Dark Lord of Moria was the Snowbourn Scout, whose suffering was thankfully shortlived. (With his death the Ranging Goblin vanished).  The Stray Goblin wounded Glóin and the Drummer not only wounded Nori but also called a Goblin Swordsman into view.  Then with a roar the Balrog leapt at Legolas’ party.  The Gondorian knew his duty however and leapt in the way, his spear in front of him.  He died quickly, though the monster armed itself with a Counter-spell.  The Goblin Swordsman which had appeared the previous day by virtue of the Watchful Eyes was also effective, deceiving Bifur into believing another Close Encounter was about to take place and wounding him twice.

It was time for everyone to contribute. Unable to attack himself, the recordkeeper rallied Bifur.  Legolas and his party had to wait for Glorfindel, Nori and Dwalin to do make their attack.  Those three, although all worthy warriors, could only hit the Balrog four times.  That did bring the total wounds on the beast to nineteen: could Legolas and his allies weaken it enough to tip it into the Dark Pit?  Gandalf led the charge, with Gimli right next to him and Bifur and the Veteran Axehand not far behind.  The elf hero pumped in shaft after shaft while the axes and staff inflicted grievous wounds.   Altogether another nineteen wounds were dealt, enough to have easily killed the Last Lord of Moria, were it mortal.

As Durin’s Bane staggered at the edge of the Dark Pit, the Watchful eyes placed another Counterspell on it, and another Goblin Swordsman was summonsed. It was too late: even though three of the wounds healed the Dark Lord of Moria did not have the strength to resist the power of the refreshed heroes and their companions, and slowly toppled into the depths.

The quest was over.


Party One Final Threat:    3

Party Two Final Threat:    1

Heroes Dead                        Nil

Heroes Wounded               Gimli 5 wounds, Bifur and Nori 2 wounds

Unique Allies Dead             Nil

Unique Allies Wounded    Glóin and Dwalin 2 wounds

Victory Points

Normal difficulty                The Dwarrowdelf: 2 x 3 points

Total VPs                               6

Spending Victory Points

There will be new parties for the next set of quests

Overall Score

Party One                             3

Party Two                             1

Less VPs                                – 6

Plus 10 x 3 Rounds             30

Total                                       28


I must admit that I had to play this scenario twice.   (I am pretty sure the campaign games allow me the occasional replay).  The first playthrough saw Durin’s Bane get a Counterspell at the start and a Fiery Sword on Turn 1.  When an attempted Feint on the Balrog was foiled by the Counterspell, Party 1 lost all cards in hand and Gimli was down to just one life point.  From then on it was all downhill.  Bifur was killed on Turn 3 and by Turn 4 although I had reached the final stage I had several enemies plus the Balrog, guaranteeing at least three more deaths.

As can be seen from the second replay, with a bit of luck and way of dealing a lot of damage quickly, this quest is winnable without too many problems. Well, if you can get through the first two stages without losing anyone important.  I have played it however with friends and lost comprehensively: the treachery cards can cripple any party early on.  My advice is to have some decent questing (Dáin turned all my dwarves into good scouts) and attack (a wounded Gimli is a fierce warrior which was good as none of my attack pumpers turned up).

That ends the Dwarrowdelf cycle: the next quest will be with completely different groups more suited to the time and area.

Quest 18: Foundations of Stone

Lord of the Rings LCG Campaign

 The 18th Quest: Foundations of Stone

Deeper into the depths the two groups descended, until the walls dripped with moisture and the sound of underground streams and rivers was constant. The rocks grew slippery underfoot and the dark and swift-flowing water that was often adjacent to the pathway threatened to swallow the careless traveller.

 Starting Threat

 Party One     Legolas, Gimli and             Bifur (9 + 11 + 7 = 27)

Party Two    Glorfindel, Nori and Dáin Ironfoot (5 + 9 + 11 = 25)

Opening draw

 2 x Gandalf, Foe-hammer, Heavy Stroke, Rerebor Record-keeper, Khazad! Khazad! (Unseen Strike)

Snowbourn Scout, Ever My Heart Rises, 2 x Light of Valinor, Stand and Fight, Dwalin (Durin’s Song)

 Turn 1

 Before the adventurers had even left camp danger thrust itself on them in the form of two Goblin Followers who did not hesitate but immediately engaged Glorfindel’s party.

 Again Bifur was given the Cave Torch, though Glorfindel did not wait to use his Light of Valinor so that he could both explore and help guard his companions. An Erebor Record-keeper (many of them seem to have survived in the darkness) turned up for Legolas, and Bifur and Glorfindel assumed scouting duties.

That the torches were Burning Low did not worry anyone, with no threats ahead, and there was enough light to see some Branching Paths. By using the Cave Torch Bifur revealed the way past those paths, and the scouts could proceed without hindrance along the Dripping Walls.

1-ffg_burning-low-kd   2-tn_the-dripping-walls-fos   3-ffg_goblin-follower-kd

Meanwhile the two goblins attacked. Nori could hold off one, though he took a wound.  Dáin, however, ran into trouble.  The Follower took advantage of some nearby Goblin Tunnels to inflict three bad injuries on the dwarf.  Legolas was able to assist Glorfindel in killing one goblin, but Gimli had to stand by impotently and watch the other goblin escape scot-free.

Threat 28/26

The Dripping Walls: Travel 8

Turn 2

Draw: Party 1         Unseen Strike          Party 2          Celebrian’s Stone

For once it was Legolas who had to look enviously at Glorfindel who adorned himself with Celebrian’s Stone while Nori declaimed “Ever My Heart Rises”. Then the same two scouts led the way forward.  The torches were still Burning Low, with the same lack of effect, but the proximity of some Crumbling Ruins exhausted both Gimli and Dáin, though neither was forced to drop from the expedition.  Nevertheless, that brought them past the Dripping Walls and to the Water’s Edge.

Glorfindel helped Bifur use the Record-keeper to revitalise Dáin, but he was not needed as the remaining Follower jabbed Nori once before the two leaders slew it. A little progress was made before camp was set up and no threats appeared ahead.   Could the rest of this mission be uneventful?

Threat           29/27

The Water’s Edge: Travel 2

Turn 3

 Draw: Party 1        Miner of the Seven Hills   Party 2          Glóin

Extra caution had to be shown in this part of the caves and that cost the party the chance of picking up several valuable assets, but the arrival of Gandalf had brought Legolas more than enough to replace them while Glorfindel was glad to welcome Dwalin, who lifted morale slightly when he showed up.

With prospects looking good, five members set off to find a way past the Water’s Edge. Then, as so often happens, confidence was turned to despair.  The way in front of them appeared so Dark and Dreadful that Dáin collapsed and Gandalf, Bifur, Dwalin and Nori all suffered slight injuries.  (Slight, but with his two existing wounds, Nori was almost at death’s door).   On top of that, a Goblin Scout was detected, just too far away to attack.  It was feared it could be a nuisance to the advance party in days to come.

4-ffg_the-waters-edge-fos   5-ffg_dark-and-dreadful-kd   6-ffg_washed-away-fos

There were more pressing problems at the moment however. The Water’s Edge had given way and both parties were Washed Away!  The Cave Torch and Celebrian’s Stone were lost, and the parties were split up.  Legolas and his companions found themselves in an Endless Cave, with all their resources gone.  Glorfindel and his group were a little luckier, ending on some Sheltered Rocks, their purses safe.  They found their torches were Burning Low, which did not worry them, and Glorfindel himself escaped harm from a Crumbling Ruin.

At least they had escaped the Goblin Scout: one should count one’s blessings.

One thing was for sure: what the two groups individually faced tomorrow would be far different from what had been met before.

 Threat 30/27

 The Endless Caves: Travel Nil                  Sheltered Rocks: Travel Nil

Turn 4

 Draw: Party 1         Erebor Battlemaster         Party 2          Celebrian’s Stone

Party One

With no resources, nothing could be done to improve Legolas’ position. He sent out Gimli and Bifur, relying on the Record-keeper to recall Gimli if a threat appeared.  Something did appear, a Nameless Thing that blocked all but the smallest advance.  It seemed very powerful: as strong as an Erebor Hammersmith dressed in Ring Mail.  Gimli rushed back and was thrust in front of the beast which slashed him twice with its barbed tentacles.  Even worse, the threat of Deep Deep Dark caused Legolas to drop the bag containing all assets picked up along the way and not yet used.  A shocking situation for the three heroes and their solitary companion.


Party Two

Glorfindel had a stroke of luck, finding Celebrian’s Stone nearby, and his booming call of “Stand and Fight” brought a Gondorian Spearman from the darkness. As a result, he led both Dwalin and Nori out from the Sheltered Rocks to reconnoitre the new surroundings.  Some more Branching Paths were all they found, but it was decided not to venture down that way at the moment.  There was a chance more horrors might be revealed before they could find the others.

Threat 31/28

The Endless Caves: Travel 1                    Sheltered Rocks: Travel 8

Turn 5

Draw: Party 1         Erebor Battlemaster         Party 2          Gandalf

Party One

With their position even worse than when they were swept away, Legolas’ party did not give up. No help could be found, so Bifur and Gimli again sought the way to the others.  Once more, they had barely left when they were back, another Nameless Thing nearby.

Party Two

As it was, Glorfindel could do nothing to improve his own situation, other than find a way out. He and Nori found a Zigil Mineshaft but at the cost of some loss of morale they ignored it. That was all they needed: having cleared the Sheltering Rocks they were re-united with Legolas and his group.

Combined groups

Together the two parties agreed to travel the Branching Paths, giving Nori a burst of energy and recovering a little of the confidence lost earlier.

The two Nameless Things were now both close enough to attack together, so Glorfindel drew the latest arrival to his group. Fortunately the second beast was nowhere near as strong as the first: just as strong as a Snowbourn Scout.  As a result, its attack on Dwalin was easily parried.  To the dismay of Glorfindel, as with his fellow party leader the revelation of Deep Deep Dark caused the loss of all the party’s luggage, including a recent promise by Gandalf that he would soon join them.

That did not prevent Glorfindel volunteering the Gondorian Spearman to defend against the second animal’s attack. He got in one effective blow before dying, and in that moment the Nameless Thing revealed Durin’s Axe which sadly was immediately lost to view.  The Record-keeper revitalised Gimli and the dwarf joined Legolas to eliminate one Nameless Thing while the already re-energised Nori with Glorfindel killed the other.

Now all the adventurers could work together to explore the Endless Caves.

Threat 32/33

Branching Paths: Travel 2

The Endless Caves: Travel 2

Turn 6

 Draw: Party 1         Dwarrowdelf Axe  Party 2          Ever Vigilant

At last some assistance for Legolas: Gimli was given a Dwarrowdelf Axe and an Erebor Battlemaster joined the group. With numbers growing, five members could be spared to reconnoitre.  While the torches again Burned Low a third Nameless Thing lurched into sight.  That did not slow down the explorers much, and the Branching Paths were completed without much trouble.  In fact, Durin’s Helm was discovered, though nobody could be spared to retrieve it at the moment.

10-ffg_dwarrowdelf-axe-kd8-2-imagesfdse4v2q 12-ffg_durins-helm-fos

When the Nameless Thing approached Legolas it could be seen that this one was even more powerful than the first. It was even more powerful than Gandalf!  The Erebor Battlemaster did not have a chance of surviving, but he stepped forward without hesitation.  Gimli was again readied by the Book-keeper but normally even with Legolas’ assistance he could not have killed a creature with such ability to take damage.  It was the Dwarrowdelf Axe that made the difference, inflicting the first wound that weakened the beast just enough to allow the heroes to finish it off.

The threat removed, Gimli was reminded that he needed to be Ever Vigilant and he went back to pick up Durin’s Helm.

Threat 33/34

The Endless Caves: Travel 16

Turn 7

 Draw: Party 1         Veteran Axehand   Party 2          Stand and Fight

Just at the right time, a Veteran Axehand wandered past and Legolas found it easy to persuade him to join, and Glorfindel’s repeat call of “Stand and Fight” again summoned a Gondorian Spearman. They would be needed, as two more Goblin Followers burst upon Glorfindel’s team and, as they emerged from the Endless Caves, Out of the Depths were revealed yet another Nameless Thing (a relatively weak one) and a Goblin Scout.

The Nameless Thing could not get near Gimli but the Followers killed the Spearman and wounded Dwalin. Bifur and the Record-keeper encouraged Nori to more efforts and with the help of an arrow or two from Legolas he eliminated goblin: Glorfindel and Dáin badly wounded the other.  Bifur himself combined with the Veteran Axehand to cut down the Nameless Thing.

Threat 34/35

Out of the Depths: Travel 2

Turn 8

 Draw: Party 1         Gondorian Spearman      Party 2          Cram

A Gondorian Spearman, presumably from the same unit as the ones that had been found earlier, was not dissuaded from joining by the sad news about his companions. Dáin found a morsel of Cram that had not been ruined by the water.

Only three scouts were sent out, recent events prompting caution. Unfortunately the threat was not from hostile creatures.  For some reason a Mithril Lode caused both parties some concern, even as they set off to explore it, but the real damage was that both Bifur and Nori found themselves Lost and Alone and could not find their way back to the camp.  As a result, no progress was made, and to make matters worse the latest recruit lasted no longer than his fellow spearmen, slaughtered by the wounded Goblin Follower.  The goblin followed him soon after, but that was little consolation for the few adventurers left.

13-ffg_mithril-lode-fos   14-ffg_out-of-the-depths-fos  15-ffg_lost-and-alone-fos

Threat 36/37

 Mithril Lode: Travel 2

Out of the Depths: Travel 2

Turn 9

Draw: Party 1         Blade of Gondolin              Party 2          We Are Not Idle

No replacement members showed up, so Legolas had to be satisfied with a Blade of Gondolin that he strapped on as soon as he saw it lying nearby. Three volunteers led by Glorfindel led the way, a little nervously now.  That nervousness was increased by the Deep Deep Dark, though all that was found were two swarms of Moria Bats.

At least that allowed the groups to leave the Mithril Lode behind them and advance a little way Out of the Depths. With so few members available to defend against attackers, it was decided that the Veteran Axehand would block the Goblin Scout while the bats would have to be ignored, the only person able to engage them, Legolas, needed to destroy them.  Not surprisingly, the goblin did no damage while the bats each inflicted two wounds , on Legolas and Glorfindel.

16-ffg_moria-bats-fos   17-ffg_goblin-scout-kd   18-ffg_drowned-treasury-fos

Legolas could only destroy one bat: the other foes remained untouched. Angered by their inability to deal with the attackers, Dwalin and Dáin could do more than tell the others “We Are Not Idle”, providing some extra help for Dáin as well as an indication that Gandalf was nearby.

Threat 38/39

 Out of the Depths: Travel 7

Turn 10

Draw: Party 1         Bombur                     Party 2          Gandalf

As the dwarves had detected, Gandalf was nearby and his arrival was the signal for an extra effort to find a way Out of the Depths. A Drowned Treasury was interesting but not enough to attract the travellers, and the Deep Deep Dark though upsetting, did not slow them down.  Nor did the knowledge that Watchful Eyes were on Dáin.  All were sprinting to the exit, leaving the Foundations of Stone behind.


Party One Final Threat:    39

Party Two Final Threat:    40

Heroes Dead                        Nil

Heroes Wounded               Dáin 3 wounds, Gimli, Glorfindel, Legolas 2 wounds

Unique Allies Dead             Nil

Unique Allies Wounded    Dwalin 2 wounds

Acquired:                               Durin’s Helm

Victory Points

Normal difficulty                The Dwarrowdelf: 2 x 3 points

Nameless Thing x 4            4

Total VPs                               10

Spending Victory Points

Heal all heroes                    9

Overall Score

Party One                             39

Party Two                             40

Less VPs                                – 10

Plus 10 x 9 Rounds             90

Total                                       159


While this scenario may appear to have been without too many problems, there were several points where I felt as though it would not be possible to survive. Having to discard both player hands destroyed all my plans and losing two heroes badly restricted my opportunities.

Still, it was enjoyable, with fresh challenges all the time. I am sure that had the cards been slightly different I would have been beaten, or perhaps have romped home without too much damage.  As it is, I have to spend all my VPs on healing rather than preparing for the Balrog.

Quest 17: The Long Dark

Lord of the Rings LCG Campaign

 The 17th Quest: The Long Dark

Having entered Moria, the adventurers are confused by the number of tunnels and caves that appear. How can they find their way through the maze and discover the source of the orcish raiders?

 Starting Threat

 Party One     Legolas, Gimli and             Bifur (9 + 11 + 7 = 27)

Party Two    Glorfindel, Nori and Dáin Ironfoot (5 + 9 + 11 = 25)

Opening draw

 Gondorian Spearman, Veteran of Nandúrion, Feint, Veteran Axehand, Erebor Record-keeper, Unseen Strike (Horn of Gondor)

 Zigil Miner, Hasty Strike, Test of Will, Light of Valinor, Elrond’s Counsel, Dwalin (Elrond’s Counsel)

 Turn 1

 Bifur had the honour of holding the Cave Torch, the one bright light that could help them find their way quickly through the underground darkness. Nobody liked to think that it might also attract curious foes.  Already The Silent Caverns stretched ahead of them: it was time to get moving.

First however, a little preparation. A Horn of Gondor for Legolas, and the addition of an Erebor Record-keeper to his group and a Light of Valinor for Glorfindel and four scouts set off.

1-ffg_silent-caverns-tld   2-ffg_journey-in-the-black-pit-tld    3-ffg_stray-goblin-kd

It was not a successful start. A Stray Goblin wandered into sight and Foul Air was detected.  That could be fatal to the group at this early point in the mission, but by passing a Test of Will, its effects could be ignored and it was agreed to move towards the Silent Caverns.  The Goblin’s attack was nothing to worry about, though fatigue struck Glorfindel, rendering him useless.  The loss of his strength was a blow, but an Unseen Strike by Legolas killed the Goblin and allowed them make an advance on their objective.

Threat 28/26

 Silent Caverns: Travel 2

Journey in the Black Pit: Travel 7

Turn 2  

Draw: Party 1         Erebor Blacksmith Party 2          Untroubled by Darkness

Both groups were strengthened by reinforcements overnight but while Legolas was grateful for a Gondorian Spearman, Glorfindel’s group gained a lift in morale at the arrival of a Zigil Miner.  The Miner joined the scouting party, but his addition did not improve the results of their search.  A lurking Cave Spider forced Glorfindel to lose many of his advantages over the enemy, and only a lucky guess as to their location saved even worse damage when they realised how Vast and Intricate was the network they explored.

4-ffg_foul-air-tld    5-ffg_cave-spider-tld   6-ffg_vast-and-intricate-tld

Nevertheless, they had made their way to the end of the Silent Caverns and had Completed the Journey into the Black Pit. Again they were forced to determine their location and again their luck held.  Only the Cave Spider stood between them and Continuing Eastward.  It lunged at Dáin, but even though its strength was increased by a cunning trick, it could not pierce his defence.  Then it was up to the killing machine of Legolas and Glorfindel, and they made no mistake.

Threat           29/26

Continuing Eastward: Travel 2

Turn 3

 Draw: Party 1        Great Yew Bow       Party 2          Ever Vigilant

With the way apparently clear, six members left the camp to explore, even though neither leader had anything with which to boost the power of their companions. It might have been a little reckless: they had barely left the camp when a Goblin Warlord appeared, standing before an Abandoned Mine.

Fortunately Bifur was prepared for just such an eventuality. With the help of the Erebor Record-keeper he readied Gimli for action, then calling on the Record-keeper to be Ever Vigilant, he prepared himself for battle.

7-ffg_abandoned-mine-tld   8-tn_continuing-eastward-tld   9-ffg_goblin-warlord-tld

Before tackling the Warlord he used the Torch to show the way to the end of the Abandoned Mine, and then watched as the Goblin vainly tried to hit the Gondorian Spearman who employed a Feint to escape harm while injuring his assailant.   Legolas fired his bow and Gimli used his axe, and with their help Bifur slew the Warlord and drove further eastward.

Threat 30/27

Continuing Eastward: Travel 11

Turn 4

Draw: Party 1         Khazad! Khazad!   Party 2          Gandalf

Normally Gandalf was called upon in times of need, but Glorfindel saw that with his help the mission could be completed without further risk. Led by the wizard, every possible member ranged far and wide.  A Goblin Sneak was no deterrent, nor was the discovery of a Zigil Mineshaft.  So many explorers could not fail to find the way, and with relief the adventurers exited the Long Dark.


Party One Final Threat:    30

Party Two Final Threat:    27

Heroes Dead                       Nil

Heroes Wounded              Nil

Unique Allies Dead                        Nil

Victory Points

Normal difficulty                The Dwarrowdelf: 2 x 3 points

Total VPs                              6

Spending Victory Points

+1 Resource for each group for the next scenario

Overall Score

Party One                             30

Party Two                             27

Less VPs                                – 6

Plus 10 x 3 Rounds                        30

Total                                       81


Another of those scenarios that might appear straightforward from my playthrough but are really far more difficult. I was forced to do a “location” test only twice and was successful both times.  Had I failed either I am not sure that I would have survived to the end.

As it was, the “second player” had no cards in hand for much of the time and could not have carried out a test. The odds of drawing a “pass” are 14/61, so you need to have plenty of cards to repeat the effort.

Two more scenarios before the end of the Dwarrowdelf cycle at which time the dwarves will retire for a well earned rest. But those two scenarios are pretty tough.